Our expert practitioners combine rigorous academic training with extensive, hands-on clinical expertise.

We work with everyone from active livers, elite athletes, and fitness enthusiasts to anyone in between who is interested in optimizing their health, athletic performance, gaining a competitive edge or just leading a healthy, active -- and pain-free -- life.

Your health is everything.

Whether you have experienced an injury, been in an accident, need on-going support to cope with a chronic condition, or want to achieve your full health and performance potential, our goal is to get you feeling and performing better, so you can get back to your life.

Thank you to Sean & April for their on going care. From my life as an amputee & a competitive athlete I am chronically injured. I have seen many physiotherapists in my time of competitive sport & they are the best.
- Andrea Holmes, Paralympian
Since working with Sean I have never felt better! He has been the missing piece in my performance puzzle and has helped me tailor my training to MY body. Thanks!
- Emily Weekes, Ironman Triathlete